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Commprove Noc to Soc

Commprove Noc to Soc

Video in Motion Graphics network from Central NOC to SOC

Video made in Motion Design, in the video we explained the complexity of the network (NOC) and the ability to switch to a service (SOC). To support this paradigm shift, the customer service introduces a new platform that combines a wide range of transaction information to OSS performance indicators; Billing CRM; Through the Trouble Ticket and financial information. By combining these data sources with an advanced service model and integrated expertise means a capacity to monitor the quality of services provided to the customer unparalleled finale!


The topics covered in the video are:

  • Domain analysis and views of service quality management departments.
  • The network performance management, revenue assurance and fraud detection.
  • Real time data processing and defining and modeling of flexible KPI/KQI.
  • Revenue protection and generation through the provision of a better quality of services and reduce CAPEX through consolidation of instruments.


The video was made entirely of Motion Graphics in this production we have included 3d graphics that enhance the animations and give a sense of depth and three-dimensionality to the various scenes of the video.


2D Animation, Motion Graphics