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Video Production

What are the ways to communicate Video Brief ?

Following are the ways to share your video brief:
1) Email: write your ideas via email, explain your goals, the duration of the video, what kind of video you want to create.
2) Book a contact: Book an interview to talk about your project. Our staff will contact you as soon as possible. Contact us through this form.

What is the Video Resolution of the final video ?

The final video is delivered in (FULLHD 1920 x 1080). On request we can deliver any media.

Where can i publish my videos on the web?

Can you post your video on all social, like YouTube Facebook. Or you can enter it in the pages of your site.

What is the 2D Video production process?

A 2D video is produced in 5 steps:
1) Script. 2) Voice Over. 3) first part of the video. 4) second part of the video. 5) third and final part of the video.

How many edits or revisions are allowed during video production ?

Our production process is developed in 5 stages, during every phase of production, you can request unlimited revisions.

What are the ways to communicate edits or revisions?

We use our own online project platform, where you can follow all stages of the work, you can email, post photos and documents. Can participate in the platform all members of your staff.

Can i invite more team members to be part of Video Project?

Yes, you can invite more team members to follow the project.

What happens when i approve a step of the work?

When you approve a step of the work will continue with the next step, where you can make other changes.

How do i get updates about my Video Project?

You will receive updates through email sent from the platform. You will be informed at each stage of the creative process.

Can i make changes to my video if you spend much time after delivery?

Yes, your video is stored and is always available for any change with a small price.

Pricing & Payments

How is evaluated the cost of the video?

Type (2D, 3D, Logo) and duration are determinants of the cost of the video.

How does Money Back Guarantee work ?

There are 5 stages of video production. After the Script, we’ll show you the first part of the video, at this stage you can get a refund.
With PayPal payments will not be refunded the Commission retained by PayPal.

What are the different mode of payments ?

The methods of payment are 2:

1. PayPal

2. Bank Wire

What are the payment terms ?

We request for 30% Advance payment to initiate the project and the balance 70% upon the final video delivery.

What happens if the script has a duration less than or greater than the length of time that I booked?

If you have booked a video of 90 seconds and while building the final script, video duration is estimated at 120 seconds, we will contact you asking for an endorsement on the additional cost for longer life of 30 seconds.
If the script is of 60 seconds, the final payment will be recalculated.

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